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Bandages/rest Winderen

Bandages/rest Winderen

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Thermo Clear thermoactive stable bandages are made of technically innovative materials, with a membrane that allows steam to pass through, which ensures that no chips stick to the outside. Thanks to the material used, these bandages not only keep the legs warm, but since they are breathable on the entire surface, they expel moisture, preventing the tendons from overheating.

The bandages are made of non-elastic material, which is why they are also suitable for safe bandaging at night. Well placed they do not slip or roll, they remain on the paw all night, where they should be.

Additionally, in the interest of quality and safety we use a military-grade standard Velcro closure, which continues to hold up when the bandages are wet or dirty.

• Breathable

• Thermoactive

• Prevent the spread of bacteria and fungi

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